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Our Electrical Equipment Division provides foreign and domestic users with such products as IC's (semi-conductors), circuit boards, and liquid crystal. From design to assembly and shipping, we provide total coordinating in a wide range of fields including popular consumer goods, industrial machinery, and amusement, and we boast a large domestic market share of the copper laminates used in IC's and circuit boards.
With end-users looking abroad to foreign markets, we have responded by establishing a global electrical parts supply system in South-East Asia. And in close cooperation with semi-conductor designer/manufacturers, we have handled commissions for custom made IC's from design through to production that has brought us praise at home and abroad.


The handling itesms (Erectrical products)

●Electrical machinery
Copper clad laminate / Printed circuit board / PET film / Copper foil / Copper oxide / Electrode / Liquid crystal display / IC tester / Shield board / Bearing
●Memory module

■Metal product
Powderd metal alloys / Magnets


  Supplier   Foreign countries & internal electronic materials & parts makers
  Selling agency   Foreign countries & internal major electric makers

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