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The Chemical Products Division has evolved beyond its original role dealing with chemicals domestically, into a global section focusing on imports and exports. From Europe and America, and more recently China and South-East Asia, we import primarily synthetic resins, as well as petrochemical products and raw materials, and are actively promoting further business between these countries. While meeting the demand of people wanting Japanese products, we are also creating mutually beneficial ties with manufacturers both at home and abroad who wish to find foreign markets for their products. The specialized search for specialty chemicals reflects the unique function of the Chemical Products Division.

The handling items (Chemical products)

■Resin for paint, Cast mould, Electronic materials
Epoxy / Unsaturated polyester / Alkyd / Phenol / Rosin modified resin / Varnish / Etc Acryl / ABS/ PP / PS / PET / A-PET sheet / PS/OPS sheet / UV Resin:(Monomer Oligomer) / Polyester Polyol resin
■Resin hardner
Anhydride type hardner / Amine type / Poly amide type hardner
HHPA-1 / THPA / M-THPA / PA / MA / FA / SA
■Organic pigment
Phthalocyanine blue / Phthalocyanine green / Azo red / Azo yellow
■In-organic chemical
Titanium oxide / Chrome oxide / Zinc oxide / Silica
■Others/Fine chemicals
Micro capsule / LCD film / Plastic pigment / Water treatment / Casein / Caseinate / Lactose / Premix / Bees wax / Shellac / Intermediate / FRP parts / Glass fiber / Galvanized zinc plating steel parts / etc.

  Supplier   Foreign countries & internal materials makers
  Selling Agency   Foreign countries & internal major paper, pulp, paint and ink makaers

IMANAKA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Introduction of chemical products business (PDF icon)
IMANAKA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. -Chemical Department (PDF icon)

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