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Stores full of quality fresh food from around the world. Trading companies working globally play a large role in this now ordinary facet of our lives. The pursuit of quality foods recognizes no national boundaries, and with markets opening and import restrictions relaxing, IMANAKA places emphasis on nurturing close relationships with international suppliers through personnel exchange programs. And by providing financial and technical support we are promoting a stable supply of food products designed to meet Japanese consumer tastes.


The handling items (Food products)

●Dairy products
Whole milk powder / Skim milk powder / Butter / Casein / Caseinate / Whey protein concentrate / Milk protein concentrate / Processed cheese / Shredded cheese / Cream cheese / Cheese powder / Toffee base / Lactose / Ice cream
Egg white powder / Egg yolk powder / Dried egg powder / Frozen whole egg / Frozen egg yolk / Frozen egg white/ Sugared egg yolk
●Oils and fats
Shortening / Butter oil / Edible fat
Edible meats(Beef/ Pork/ Chicken)
Chocolate preparation / Cake mix / Others (etc)
●Pet foods
Pet foods
●Agricultural products
Cacaomas / Cacao powder / Cacao butter / Sugar preparation / Frozen vegetable / Frozen Japanese prepared food / Frozen fruits / Dry fruits / Frozen fruitsjuice / Canned fruits / Tomato paste / Sugared bean paste / Spaghetti / Mustard seeds powder / Soy protein / Sweet potato / Gum Arabic / Olive oil / White roux / Peanuts butter / Vegetables powder / Vegetables puree・paste / Xylitol / Erythritol / Lemon Concentrate / Frozen Doughnut / Sauted Onion / French Fly Potato / Soy Bean / Corn・Cob・Meal


  Supplier   Foreign countries & internal raw materials makers
  Selling Agency   Internal Major foods, confectionery and chemical makers

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