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Our Commodities Division imports processed lumber, wood products and fiberboard, from North America and northern Europe. Working together with over ten companies domestically, we supply large housing construction firms with such building materials as structural parts, panels,  fittings, eave and ceiling paints, balconies, and wood products. We also deal with such products as oceanic buoyancy devices and cores for judo mats.
Always on the lookout for better products while keeping abreast of environmental issues, we plan to move on positively in the ever-changing global marketplace.


The handling items (Housing related products)

■Timbers & Lumbers
Dimension lumbers
(S.P.F., HEM, FIR) / Woods and articles of woods
■Building materials
Building materials / Particle board / OSB / MDF / etc.


  Supplier   Foreign countries & internal building materials makers
  Selling agency   Internal major building, housing, gum makers

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