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Shumpei Imanaka
For more than one hundred years Imanaka Trading Company, Ltd., has maintained it's international links with over seas partners through out the period of economic turmoils since establishment in 1881.
We believe that our efforts to provide customer satisfaction, with personalized service based on the mutual trusts, has made us what we are today in both the domestic and international markets.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to expand beyond only foodstuffs into such industries as chemical products, electrical parts, and housing materials.

Working globally has taught us the importance of responding swiftly to customer needs regardless of order lot size. Fresh ideas and a sense of challenge not to be found in the larger firms is something we take pride in, and to further our aims we are always striving to broaden our support structure. To this end, we are outfitting pre-existing foreign bases of operation and promoting expansion for efficient coverage of the global marketplace. High value is of course placed on educating our personnel for taking active roles on the international economic stage.

As we enter the twenty-first century, world economies will continue to become mutually interdependent, and we will develop in accordance with these changes. With experts in each respective field we are dedicated to becoming "a company with presence," and look forward to enjoying your continued and future patronage.

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