1881 Senjiro Imanaka established a pharmacy for Japanese/Chinese medicines and industrial chemicals at 1-chome Doshomachi Chuo-ku in Osaka
1948 Imanaka Shoten Ltd established
1954 Tokyo Office opened
1961 Nagoya Office opened
1963 Company renamed Imanaka Ltd.
Export and domestic sales of chemicals began
1969 Began dealing in lumber and particle boards
1971 Began dealing in dairy products
1972 Began dealing in agriculture products and plywood
1973 Began dealing in meats and eggs
1981 Began dealing in electronic components
1984 Doshomachi Building with office rental space constructed in commemoration of the 100th anniversary
1987 Hanzaburo Imanaka appointed chairman and Shuichi Imanaka appointed president
1991 Singapore Branch opened
1994 Imanaka (Singapore) PTE., LTD. established
2001 Shuichi Imanaka appointed chairman
Akira Kobayashi appointed president
2002 Australian Dairy Blends Pty Ltd. established
2003 China(Shanghai) Office opend
2006 Akira Kobayashi appointed chairman
Shumpei Imanaka appointed president
2010 CEDENCO FOODS NEW ZEALAND.LTD. is established
2015 CEDENCO AQUACULTURE .LTD. is established
2017 IMANAKA(VIETNAM)CO.,LTD. is established

CEDENCO DAIRY LTD. is established
2018 Acquired juice manufacturing business in New Zealand.

Invested in New Zealand cider manufacturer Zeffer


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